Pastoral Council Minutes 3/16/2017

MINUTES – March 16, 2017

Members of the Saint Francis de Sales Pastoral Council met on March 16, 2017, in the church for a prayer by John Sadowski. The membership then convened in the church hall and the meeting was called to order by President Henry Bobbin. Those attending in addition to Henry included Father Paul Wharton, Annette Jennings, John Rist, Phyllis Vealey, Dr. Bert Cruz, John Sadowski, Ed Habib, Jamie Bowen, Heather Fama, Karen Creager, Sandy Genung, Benita Goode, and Angella Warvel. Terry Rojas, Lisa Figueroa, and Dr. Charles Bou-Abboud were absent.

The February 2017 minutes were approved as emailed with the correction of the word “one” day retreat instead of “three.”

Committee reports were emailed last week.

Christian Formation:
Father Paul requested more information of Vacation Bible School, specifically inquiring about his role and the theme. John S. will check with Sister Janice.

Knights of Columbus: Bear announced the following dates/activities: “Wine Thing” – April 1; Easter Egg Hunt – April 9 for ages six and under; and the Tootsie Roll Drive – May 6 at the MacArthur Wal-Mart.

Ladies of St. Francis:
Benita said the orders for the Flower Power fund raiser are due this weekend. They have not yet met their goal of one hundred orders.

Phyllis inquired about the response to the Ecumenical Lenten services. Father Paul said the turnout at St. Francis was poor. Benita said fourteen more than last year attended per the lunch count.

Angella said the 11 am Mass this Sunday is for the youth and she plans to post this. She added that there has been a good response for the Charleston concert; the youth will carpool with adult chaperons.
Heather said fundraising was discussed at their last meeting. Dr. E.J. Salon suggested a 5K run and Lisa suggested a sale with steak and fires. Myra Harper is making a donation toward the Pottery Place. There is a service project to deliver food to the Ronald McDonald House. Heather added that the Youth Group would sell t-shirts for the fall fling.

Unfinished Business: Benita presented several dates and conflicts for a possible Fall Fling. She moved that we have a Fall Fling on Saturday, September 23. John R. seconded the motion which carried unanimously. Benita took care of getting signs for the sign-in books. Henry wants to include Sister Janice’s replacement information on the prayer cards. Annette suggested including the parish phone and website rather than waiting for Sister’s position to be filled. Karen recommended obtaining a minimal order. Father said he has received two applications for Sister’s position. The ad is to run in the Catholic Spirit as well as at certain universities. The job description is on the parish web page. Father Paul is meeting with the ushers this weekend. Benita provided everyone with a printout of a possible gift for Sister Janice. Renting a digital sign for $3oo was also discussed; Benita will book this. Father also suggested a one page ad in the Catholic Spirit and will ask Debra Lanna to arrange this.
New Business: Lisa, Ed, and Phyllis who served one year terms will be on the nominating committee with Henry. This committee will make the parish aware of the openings and approach nominees. A discernment meeting will then be scheduled. Parish organizations are to select representatives as well. Benita was selected by the Ladies to serve two years; Bert was chosen again as the representative for Couples for Christ.
A llttle over two hundred have signed up for parish directory pictures. Father said parishioners should be encouraged to participate.
Forward in Faith – Subcommittee Reports
Education: John S. discussed the education survey and new parishioner registration forms which were emailed to the PC members. He also checked into obtaining a simple mailbox from Lowe’s for Kidz Korner. Bear said the Knights had a box and thought it should be unlocked.
Father suggested running “hiding in the pew” every three months and coordinate it with the picture directory. The education survey should be one page. Do not include these insert on Palm Sunday or Easter nor when the school has a special insert.
Evangelization: Phyllis said thirty-five attended the March coffee and donut social after Mass. The next events are April 2, May 7, and June 4. She will continue to advertise these in the bulletin. Henry will approach the Knights for donations. Father suggested having a container available for donations. Phyllis said the retreat information was on the front of the bulletin and there was a special insert. She will check with Mark for responses.
Fellowship: Jamie said it was good to hear the welcome by the cantor; ushers are wearing lanyards. His committee suggested signage at the side entrance of the church.
Involvement: Karen said the fish frys are going well. The youth are also assisting. There are many new faces. Bear said there was an increase in visitors. He added that he has received complaints about the lack of supplies in the ladies’ restroom; Father will check into this.
Comments, Questions, Concerns, and Feedback for Pastor:
Karen inquired about a dress code for Eucharistic ministers. Father explained that a code was in place. However, if the assigned minister does not get a sub or does not show, periodically someone from the pews will assist.
Angella inquired about being a reader and was referred to Deacon Jay. She also asked about being a Eucharistic Minister at college and was referred to the Newman Center.
Heather asked about the baccalaureate Mass and was referred to Sister Janice.
Bear encouraged Pastoral Council member to serve as ushers.

Faith Sharing:
Bear said he was raised as a Baptist. He came to this area in 1995 and took the RCIA class in 2001. He came into the church that Easter Vigil. He spoke of the many blessings of our parish especially being a Knight.

Angella will speak of her faith journey at the next meeting.

Our next meeting will be Thursday, April 20 at 6:30 pm. We will gather in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament and have a scripture reading or prayer. Father Paul closed our meeting with prayer and we adjourned at 8:06 pm.

Annette Jennings Secretary