Pastoral Council Minutes April 20, 2017

St. Francis De Sales Pastoral Council Minutes – April 20,2017


Members of the Saint Francis de Sales Pastoral Council met on April 20, 2017, in the church for a prayer by Henry Bobbin. The membership then convened in the church hall and the meeting was called to order by President Henry Bobbin. Those attending in addition to Henry included Father Paul Wharton, Karen Creager, Benita Goode, Charles Bou-Abbound, John Rist, Bert Cruz, Sande Genung, Heather Fama, Lisa Figueroa, Angella Warvel, Ed Habib, and John Sadowski.


The March 2017 minutes were approved as presented via email.



Committee reports were emailed and received by membership.


Christian Formation:

Vacation Bible School theme: “Tracking Mary” – the Joyful Mysteries. Father Paul did not select this program, Sister Janice selected the program. Several teachers are needed to assist with Christian Formation before September 2017.


Knights of Columbus:

Father Paul inquired about the total funds raised for the Fish Fry Friday’s through Lent. Sandy Genung stated that several outstanding bills had not been received or paid. They would have a total soon. He also reported that many new individuals from the community participated and returned several times for the Fish dinners. Attendance was consistant and much better than prior years. To go orders were outstanding.


Ladies of St. Francis de Sales:

The Spring Flower Power fundraiser had only one order that could not be delivered. A total of 89 orders were received with delivery and turn around time 5-7 days. A Fall Flower Fundraiser will occur in August 2017.



Father Paul asked the group to share how Holy Week, Easter Vigil, Easter Sunday went. Many council members shared with positive feedback. Father Paul discussed the Easter Liturgy and how all the parishioners made it come together so beautifully.



The Senior’s Graduation Mass will be held on Mother’s Day, May 14, 2017. Angella reports three graduates will be attending. She also reported that the Youth Mass on March 19, 2017 was well attended. The youth served as ushers, readers, sing and brought up the gifts. Attendance was excellant.



Mrs. Bennett has taken a turn for the worse. Father Paul was pleased that all is going well with school, no problems.


Unfinished Business:

Benita disucssed that another event on September 23, 2017, will be the “Annual Rocket Boy’s Festival” has been moved to that date. President Henry talked about the event and how well attended it would be, he would be participating. We will check with the church calendar and move the Fall Fling event to October 7, 2017, if no conflict with both the church and the city calendar.

President Henry handed out copies of the brochure to welcome new visitors to St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church, nine corrections or improvements were discussed. He will make several corrections and return to the council with the new format. A brief discussion on “who will hand the brochure out.” Father Paul will resolve. Sister Janice’s Retirement update was discussed by Benita.

The menu presented by Chef Carl Gable was reviewed, the Lamar digital was booked for the week of June 13 – June 20th, 2017. A revisit of Sister’s farewell gift from the Parish will receive follow-up to make certain the gift will be something that Sister Janice would want and be able to enjoy. Father Paul reported that the Usher meetings were held and he discussed why the bulletin will not be handed out before mass, only after mass. He mentioned that Bob Cannon is responsible for scheduling Ushers. Father received three applications for Sister Janice’s replacement. He also mentioned that he might be interviewing someone via

Skype, that makes four possible candidates. Phyllis Vealey was absent and we have no updates on the Retreat responses. The April 2, 2017 had less attendance for the “coffee and donut” gathering after the 8:30 am Mass. President Henry and Father Paul will hold a meeting after the council’s meeting to prepare for upcoming election of new Parish Council members. Father Paul reports that the church directory was mailed today, April 20, 2017, by Emily Meadows.


New Business:

Father Paul asked for comments on the Bishop’s Letter and Synod. Several council members are still reviewing the document.   The job title for Sister Janice’s position will be Co-Ordinator of Faith Formation, the job description and application is on the web-site. Dr. Charles, alternate, will become Terry Rojas’s replacement on the council, completing her term. Terry Rojas was selected to serve a term of three years, Dr. Charles will complete the next two years completing her appointment. It was mentioned that we will need another alternate.   To be discussed by the nominating committee. We will also need a replacement soon for Mr. Bowen.


Foward in Faith – Subcommittee Reports


John Sadowski discussed the Kidz Korner Drop Box location. It will be placed in the window on the old side of the Church. The drop box is really nice and Father Paul will gather the questions and respond. The CF teachers will mention the box, it’s purpose and information will appear in the bulletin. The Parish Survey will be placed in the bulletin as an insert, soon.




Phyllis Vealey was not available to discuss the retreat contest applications,.



A review of the church signs was discussed. Proposal will be submitted to the Finance Committee.



Karen Creager reported that this years Fish Fry Friday was the best ever. She had several outstanding bills to receive and pay. Totals for the Fish Fry Friday’s will be forthcoming.


Comments, Questions, Concerns, and Feedback for Pastor:

A lot of positive feedback was received from the Lent Sharing Groups. A really good job to all those who participated.



Faith Sharing:

Angella Warvell shared what it was like to be adopted and have a school friend ask her to come to a youth event at St. Francis de Sales Church. This changed her religious feelings and gave her a new “church family” and faith.


Doctor Charles will be our next speaker for the May 18, 2017 meeting.


Our next meeting will be Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 6:30 pm. We will gather in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament and have prayer or scripture readings. Father Paul closed our meeting with prayer at 8:13 pm.


Submitted by: Benita Goode/Karen Creager