Pastoral Council minutes June 15, 2017


              MINUTES – June 15, 2017


Members of the Saint Francis de Sales Pastoral Council met on June 15, 2017 at 6:30pm in the church for a prayer by Henry Bobbin. The membership then convened in the Church Hall and the meeting was called to order. Those attending included: Father Paul Wharton, Annette Jennings, Dr. Charles Bou-Abboud, Buck Byron, Regina Fairchild, Kolleen Finch, Karen Creager, Benita Goode, Jamie Bowen, Kathy Lynch, John Sadowski, Henry Bobbin, and Heather Fama. John Halliwell, and Lisa Killmer were absent.


All present welcomed new members: Buck Byron, Regina Fairchild, Kolleen Finch, and Kathy Lynch. New officers were elected: Benita Goode – President; Karen Creager – Vice President; Heather Fama – Secretary.


Organization Reports:

-John stated Christian Formation will start back in Sept., the Sunday after Labor Day.

-Knights of Columbus Elections will be coming up shortly according to Henry.

-Ladies of St. Francis had nothing new to add.

-Heather Stated the Youth Group would need to elect a new representative at their next meeting, possibly in Sept.

Liturgy Committee had no meeting and nothing new to report


Unfinished Business:

Karen Creager stated the Fall Fling Committee had a meeting last Wednesday evening. All events for the Fall Fling will be out back behind the Church. Ladies of St. Francis will have a bake sale in the Church Hall.Shelia Zeto and company are going to instruct people in wreath and basket making.  There will be a fee for the class.  We are wanting the older youth to take care of the games and we are hoping the school kids and parents will man the ice cream booth. There will also be a Filipino booth. John Sadowski suggested having the Educational Committee show a DVD presentation during the Fall Fling, and there would need to be set times for these presentations. Regina ask if we could have a silent auction. Henry suggested getting a count of how many booths we need. Karen said she would get a count. The Food Drive will also be going on that Sunday after Mass. Karen said we are unable to sell alcoholic beverages at the Fall Fling, but a red cup may be provided for a donation. Annette ask about a raffle and Karen said we used to have a raffle in the years past, but stated we just about broke even. Karen also said it would be profitable if it was scaled down.


Evangelization – Prayer Cards – Henry said they will be handed out to all the visitors at all the Masses.


Sister Janice’s Retirement Dinner – Benita said the goal was 260 people and we now have 197 RSVP. Father Paul asked – Who is she going on her trip with? Benita answered Father Sam, Mary Campbell, and Margie Cimala.


Retreat – Father Paul said 4 others are going to the Retreat in the near future. Heather attended the Retreat June 7th – June 8th. Heather said it was an experience she would never forget and plans to attend every year now. She said she would recommend The WV Institute for Spirituality to anyone would wants to get away and spend some quite time with God.


Coffee & Donuts – 20 people came down for the last Coffee and Donuts.


New Business:

Fr. Paul suggested not to have the Coffee and Donuts for the month of July, but instead have a simple Reception in the Church Hall after each Mass for Annie Sarlo (the new CF and Youth Director) the 2nd weekend in July. CFC will host reception after Sat. 5:00 Mass; Pastoral Council after Sunday 8:30 Mass; and the Youth after 11:00 Mass. Fr. Paul also stated that there will be differences but asks for people to be hospitable, welcoming, and open to change. Colleen asked if we have anything for the College Students, and Fr. Paul said that will be something for Annie to look into.


Other Business:

Sign for the Church on Robert C. Byrd Dr. – Annette said she spoke with the State Road Supervisor and he said Leave well enough alone, that it is State property and we probably shouldn’t have a sign there in the first place. Heather said she spoke with Jeanie at Bob Cannon’s (Chief Building Official and Zoning Officer) and she left her contact info and she assured me he would get back with me as soon as possible.


John Sadowski said there was not a great return on the survey for Parishioners for what educational topics they wanted. However, some ideas include: DVD presentations by Scott Hann and Mathew Kelly, July Presentation and at the Fall Fling. Other ideas are” The Bible and The Virgin Mary DVD”, Gus Lloyd “A Minute in the Church” Link. May possibly provide a link on Facebook in the future as a way of informing Parishioner of when presentations will take place.


Jamie suggested for us to reorganize the Subcommittees, and apologized for not doing a good job with the Fellowship Committee since his job has been very busy. Fr. Paul said yes the Executive Committee would meet to discuss the Subcommittees.

Jamie also gave his thanks for asking Prayers for his son Nick as he enters the Air force.


Fr. Paul was asked how his Monday nights at Bellacino’s were going for “Ask A Priest”. He said there has not been a good turn out and he will decide if he will continue.


There will be no meeting for the Pastoral Council in July, but meetings will continue on the third Thursday of the month in August (Aug. 17th). We will gather in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament and have a scripture reading/prayer given by John Sadowski and Jamie agreed to do “Faith Sharing” at the end of next meeting.


John Sadowski shared his faith journey with the Council. Father Paul closed our meeting with prayer and we adjourned.