Ad Hoc Sanctuary Committee Update October 30, 2017

St. Francis de Sales Church

Ad Hoc Sanctuary Committee

October 30, 2017

– The committee met at 6:30 p.m. in the Church Sanctuary and opened with prayer

– Those present: Ann Conte, Deacon Harry and Marcia Evans, Michael Farris, Annette and Skip Jennings, Fran Klaus, Dr. Jesse Loot, Emily Meadows, Margie Owens, Rusty Rappold, John Sadowski, and Father Paul Wharton. Guest: Mr. David Gardiner, Gardiner and Hall Associates

– The minutes were accepted as presented.

– The committee members re-introduced themselves to Mr. Gardiner.

– Father Paul informed the committee that there were several loose pews on the old side of the Church that were refastened.  Several committee members stated that the issue with the pews was the fact that, when kneeling, individuals of any stature hit the kneeler in the pew behind if that kneeler was in the raised position.  Father Paul stated that solution is lowering the kneeler in the pew behind and that no other solution would be undertaken.

– Fran Klaus updated the committee on the display for the portraits of previous pastors. She has secured the 5×7 reprints of the available photos and has selected an attractive frame and double matting for each.  She felt using the existing framing of the pope succession picture is appropriate in its current configuration.

– Father Paul announced that the parish has received an insurance check of approximately $33,000 – $35,000 which covered carpet replacement, as well as cleanup expenses repairs to the HVAC ductwork and ceiling tiles in De Sales Hall.  $20,000 has been deposited in a 3.5%, on-demand, no-penalty CD with the Diocese.  The remainder has been spent on the cleanup and repair work.

– Father Paul is following up with the Fall Fling committee to see if the $3,000 proceeds from the event have been forwarded to the parish office.

– Mr. Gardiner shared with the committee his recommendations for flooring materials in a variety of colors. His recommendations include:

v Porcelain tile in the narthex (see Handout #1)

v Porcelain tile in main aisle and in front of the sanctuary on the old side with a simple diamond pattern (see Handout #!)

v A contrasting border of porcelain tile along outside edges of the main and side aisles, as well as step edges

v A medallion with design TBD on main sanctuary floor in front of the altar (see Handouts #1 & #2)

v Porcelain tile set in diamond pattern on floor beneath the altar with existing one step up (see Handout #2).  Mr. Gardiner explained that this pattern of simple to more elegant from the narthex to the nave to the sanctuary reflects the function of each section of the church building.

v Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) in a dark wood color under the pews on the old side and all over on the new side

v Lowering the height of the altar of repose so that the tabernacle is approximately 12” lower than its present height.  This requires removing 2 of the existing steps (see Handout #3)

v Reproducing the design of the main altar on the altar of repose with a marble slab on top of a marble altar of repose (see Handout #3)

v Removing the Alpha & Omega painted panel to expose original polychroming

v Relocating the ambo to the left side of the altar on a diagonal, so as to be visible to the congregation on both sides (see Handout #2). One possible design would include a swiveling book stand at the ambo (see Handout #5)

v Installation of a permanent baptismal font 30”W by 39”H preferably of marble possibly located on the right corner of sanctuary near the St. Joseph statue (see Handout #4)


– Mr. Gardiner explained that the underlayment for the tile is a very “forgiving” material that accommodates installation flaws.  He also explained that the design calls for 1/16th inch grout lines which once sealed should keep staining to a minimum.

– Mr. Gardiner indicated he was able to determine that the marble on the altar is still mineable.  He also indicated that the base of the main altar needs a finished border.  One very nice touch would be to gold leaf the Chi-Rho on the front of the main altar.

– In response to questions of cost by the committee, Mr. Gardiner said an educated rough guess of the remodel project is about $65,000 for the original side and an additional $15,000 – $30,000 for the new side, depending upon final changes determined for the new side.  These estimates are dependent upon labor costs in this area which could change the bottom line significantly.

– The committee discussed Mr. Gardiner’s suggestion and made the following observations and decisions:

v The Deep porcelain tile in “Light Grey” for the main aisle with contrasting color of same tile for the border and diamond accents.  The contrast color

needs to be determined.  Mr. Gardiner pointed out the “Light Grey” pulls color from the woodwork, the stonework, and the reflections from the windows.

v The committee was divided on the product to use under the pews.  Some preferred the LVT in a wood tone, while others wanted the porcelain tile used throughout.  Mr. Gardiner explained that the cost increase would be significant and the maintenance, upkeep and cleaning would also be significantly more.

v The committee also expressed concern about having different floor configurations on the two sides of the church.  Mr. Gardiner cautioned about the cost increase to use porcelain on both sides.

v It was decided by the committee that ambo would be too far away from the congregation on the far left of the altar.  It was determined that the best location is on the right of the altar but moved back several feet so as not to block the view of the altar from the congregation on the new side of the church.

v The committee was also divided on the height of the altar of repose.  Some preferred leaving the altar of repose at its current height; others agreed that lowering its height would be better.  Mr. Gardiner explained that there are regulations concerning the altar of repose and the present configuration does not follow these guidelines.

v The committee would like to see an elaborate medallion that reflects the uniqueness of St. Francis de Sales parish.  Mr. Gardiner suggested perhaps incorporated the design of the wood carved bench in the back of the new side of the church.  Fran suggested tying elements of the current church design into the medallion – perhaps using the grape design in the crucifix backdrop.  Mr. Gardiner offered as other possibilities the cross of St. Francis de Sales, a Eucharist, or Trinitarian theme.

– Following the presentations and discussions the following next steps were decided upon:

v Mr. Gardiner will forward additional flooring samples to Father Paul

v Mr. Gardiner will prepare cost estimates for the project, including pricing out porcelain and LVT versus porcelain all over on old side as well as all LVT on new side versus porcelain in main aisle and LVT under pews.

v Mr. Gardiner will email the committee some examples of church flooring medallions.  He also asked the committee to research some design samples as well and share those with the committee.

v Father Paul and Mr. Gardiner will select possible dates for the next committee meeting and email those to the committee to determine the next meeting date.


– The meeting adjourned with prayer at 8:30 pm