Pastoral Committee October 2017


MINUTES – OCT. 19, 2017


Members of the St. Francis de Sales Pastoral Council met on Thursday Oct. 19, 2017 in the Church for a prayer led by Kathy Lynch. The membership then convened in the Church Hall and the meeting was called to order by President Benita Goode. Those attending, in addition to Benita, included Deacon Harry Evans (sitting in for Father Paul), Henry Bobbin, Charles Bou Abboud, Karen Creager, Bert Cruz, Regina Fairchild, Heather Fama, Kolleen Finch, John Halliwell, Annette Jennings, Lisa Killmer, Kathy Lynch, John Sadowski and Jamie Bowen. Buck Byron was absent.


Benita opened the meeting. Members approved the Minutes from the Sept. meeting. The Committee reviewed the following reports submitted: Couples for Christ, Faith Formation, Knights of Columbus, Ladies of St. Francis, Liturgy Committee, St. Francis School Board, Youth Ministry Committee, Education Committee, Evangelization Committee, and Hospitality Committee.



Unfinished Business:

  • Fall Fling – What worked/what didn’t. Karen stated: Several parishioners came out to help set up the night before and the day of. The Youth that came out were a lot of help. They helped by setting things up the night before and during the Festival. The tally for the day was $5000.50 with a profit of $3200 (to go towards the improvements of the Sanctuary. In the future, maybe consider having it in the Summer, it was a little chilly and some older folks didn’t stay after Mass. Harry stated that our surplus of supplies from the Fall Fling has created a problem with storage. The stage needs to to purged; this is causing a fire hazard. Some comments were made as to where these supplies could be moved.
  • Sanctuary – Members stated they had received the minutes from Father Paul regarding the improvements.
  • Parish Mission – No comments to the Mission being held during Lent 2018.
  • Mass Intentions – Several members stated they did not receive a copy of the letter discussing changes. Harry made a copy and gave to Heather to scan and send to the PC members. Still members are still concerned about how things are going to proceed with the Mass Intentions.


New Business:


  • There was a good turn out of the PC members to lead the Rosary for Our Lady of all Nations.
  • Pastoral Council – Is this a means to share concerns? The PC members went around the table and expressed that they believe it is, and they felt we are still in the beginning phase, but are starting to learn. Members believe we have laid a good foundation and we need to proceed.


They also stated they see the need to continue on this journey and we are a voice for the Parish.

  • Blessing of Mary’s House – Oct. 22
  • There will be no December meeting.
  • Rachel Henley to come and intern with Annie for one year at St. Francis DeSales (start date is the end of Oct.).



Comments, Questions, Concerns and Feedback for/by Pastor: None at this time


Faith Sharing : Regina Fairchild blessed us with her Faith Sharing.


Deacon Harry Evans initiated the Lord’s Prayer and the Council joined in.

Next Meeting: Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017 @ 6:20 in the Church.

Prayer – prior to meeting – John Sadowski

Faith Sharing – John Halliwell


Considerations: a) Acknowledgement of emails

  1. b) Have Reports sent in on time (due the Friday before the next meeting)
  2. c) Please read reports and be prepared to share/ask questions
  3. d) Be aware of the group’s needs
  4. e) Never lose sight: recruit & invite new people to be involved (an ongoing process)