Pastoral Council August 2017




Members of the St. Francis de Sales Pastoral Council met on Thursday August 17, 2017 in the Church for a prayer led by John Sadowski. The membership then convened in the Church Hall and the meeting was called to order by President Benita Goode. Those attending in addition to Benita included Father Paul Wharton, Karen Creager, Kolleen Finch, Lisa Killmer, Jamie Bowen, Kathy Lynch, John Sadowski, Henry Bobbin, Annette Jennings, Charles Bou Abboud, Buck Byron, Bert Cruz, and Heather Fama. Those absent included Regina Fairchild and John Halliwell.


Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as emailed.


The first order of business was to welcome Annie Sarlo to our Parish. Annie was asked to address the Council. Annie began by thanking the Pastoral Council Members for their dedication, commitment, and involvement in the Church and the Beckley community. She shared with the Council some of her faith journey. Annie stated for Christian Formation, we will be using the same programs for the Elementary Students. Her biggest focus will be on the middle school students. Both the students and Catechists stated they were very dissatisfied with last year’s program. She said we are still in need of Catechists. She also stated the she will be working with the Evangelization and Education Committees. There are some exciting plans for the adults that you will be hearing about in the future. Father Paul has ask her to help us better utilize the internet and social media in a more helpful way. Annette said “we are glad you are here”, and Karen said “let us know what we can do to help you”. Annie said “ I am happy to be here, and I believe all of you all will be crucial part of my work here.” Kolleen asked Annie “ Do you have any plans for the college students?” Annie replied, “We are starting a Golden Bear Newman Club, and once I get more settled, I’m looking into getting Bible studies started.”


Benita asked for the members to introduce themselves. The Council proceeded to go around the table and introduce themselves and their history with St. Francis de Sales Parish.


Annie said she’s hoping to help us implement a new model for Youth Ministry. She is going to need and will welcome a lot of help.


Benita listed a few housekeeping items. Please be sure to acknowledge the emails, have reports in on time, read reports and be prepared for our monthly meetings; be sure to invite new people to be involved, this process is on going. How many received the agenda?

(Heather proceeded to hand out hard copies to those who said they didn’t receive the agenda.)

Benita continued by stating that our process is for you all to please be in touch with Heather or myself if you don’t receive the information. Did everyone receive the minutes and Organizational reports? The Pastoral Council Members responded by stating “yes”.





There was an extensive discussion on plans for the Fall Fling. John said the Parish will need a license, that probably costs about $300, to show movies to the Parish.


Karen suggested we pick one central thing to use the money from the Fall Fling to go towards. Maybe we can use it for a fund for the grounds around the Church?

Father Paul thought the committee should come up with ideas for how to spend the money.


Next order of Old Business:

Benita thought we should review Sister Janice’s Retirement Party.

Kolleen said she was embarrassed because the tables, chairs and bathrooms were not clean.

Annette said a lot of people did not RSVP and still came. Some people left because they didn’t have a seat. Benita said she heard a lot of positive comments. Sister didn’t think anyone would show up and was really gratified.


There was some discussion for use of the welcome cards, and how well it has been received.


New Business:

Father Paul proposed “FORMED” and said it is described as Netflix for Catholics. It is a website with movies, series, e-books, and information about Saints to download. He said he has asked Annette and her husband Skip to view it. They said they both like it. Father Paul said there will be a meeting to teach people about how to download to computers and other smart devices.


Father Paul reported that there was a staff development Retreat in Charleston and said he was well pleased with how it went. There is a calendar planning meeting next Monday Aug. 21st on developing a calendar so that people avoid scheduling conflicts and having major events too close together.


Father Paul: Voiced his appreciation to Emily Meadows, Dee dee Fondale, Paula Sloan and the Ladies of St. Francis who worked hours and hours on the directory. Most directories have been picked up but there are still more left if anyone wants one, and we still have unregistered Parishioners.


Jamie Bowen blessed us with his faith sharing.

Father Paul initiated the Lord’s Prayer and the Council joined in.

Next Meeting: Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017 @ 6:20 in the Church.

Prayer – prior to meeting – Benita

Faith Sharing – Kathy