Pastoral Council September 2017


MINUTES – Sept. 21, 2017


Members of the St. Francis de Sales Pastoral Council met on Thursday Sept. 21, 2017 in the Church for a prayer led by Benita Goode. The membership then convened in the Church Hall and the meeting was called to order by President Benita Goode. Those attending, in addition to Benita, included Father Paul Wharton, Henry Bobbin, Charles Bou Abboud, Karen Creager, Bert Cruz, Regina Fairchild, Heather Fama, Kolleen Finch, John Halliwell, Annette Jennings, Lisa Killmer, Kathy Lynch, John Sadowski and Robert Tipane. Those absent included Buck Byron and Jamie Bowen.


Benita opened the meeting by reiterating to please acknowledge emails when received; to have reports sent in on time (due the Friday before the next meeting). She also stated to be aware of the group’s needs, and to never lose sight. Continue to recruit and invite new people to be involved. Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as emailed.


Committee reviewed the following reports submitted: Couples for Christ, Faith Formation, Knights of Columbus, Ladies of St. Francis, Liturgy Committee, St. Francis School Board, Youth Ministry Committee, Education Committee, Evangelization Committee, and Hospitality Committee.



Unfinished Business:

  • Fall Fling Update: Karen stated there would be entertainment, including the Youth Choir, Doug & Shelly, Dave Fondale and the Filipino Dancers. There will also be food booths all afternoon, and games for the kids. 300 tickets have been sold for the quilt raffle. Father Paul stated he would make an announcement about the Fall Fling at all the Masses. The proceeds from the Fall Fling will go towards the renovation of the Sanctuary, with the exception of the sale of the T-shirts for the youth going to NCYC.
  • Communication: Annie has been working hard to update our Parish Communication. We still don’t have a lot of Parishioner’s emails. It is very important for any organization to view the Parish Calendar before scheduling anything to help avoid conflicts. There is a Parish Facebook page. Father Paul has a web page entitled that is a collection of quotes, and knowledge from Mystics and Saints. There is a link on the Parish web page.
  • FORMED: We will “roll out” to our Parish at the end of Sept. People will be available after each Mass this weekend and next to help anyone to download the program. is a subscription program for the Catholic Faith that providers audiobooks, videos, etc. for less than $180/month. It is very user friendly.







New Business:

  • Hospitality: Committee discussed the need for a Hospitality Committee. Members agreed that we don’t necessarily need another committee, but our Parish should always be about hospitality.
  • Sanctuary: An Ad Hoc Committee has been formed for the improvements since the flooding. The members of the the committee are as follows: Ann Conte, Marcia and Deacon Harry Evans, Michael Farris, Annette and Skip Jennings, Fran Klaus, Dr. Jesse Loot, Emily Meadows, Margie Owens, Rusty Rappold, and John Sadowski.


  • Father Paul stated that we are in need of old pictures of the Sanctuary. Also, we have to work with a consultant to assist in what the Church teaches and to have good taste. The committee met with Consultant David Gardner last night. First on the agenda for the Ad Hoc Committee is the issue of the flooring. The minutes from the meeting will be available on the Church website.
  • Parish Mission: Lent 2018 – PC agrees it is time to have another Parish Mission, and if we can find the right person we will have one this coming Lent.
  • Other New Business: Annette recommended that we add the Parish Council to the Church bulletin.
  • Mass Intentions: Kathy asked if we could have multiple intentions for each Mass? She stated that she had a family member request an intention for another deceased family member. She said she would have liked to attended the Mass, however, since we have such a large back log on intentions, our Parish office sent it to another Parish for the intention to be recognized. Father Paul stated that he personally would prefer that we not have more than one intention/Mass. He stated that it is against Canon Law. Also, we would not send the intentions to another Parish without informing the person that requested the intention. Father Paul said he had been struggling with this for a long time. He has asked Father Perry if he could say an intention at the same time as he says another intention at the same Mass, but this has had it’s issues. Father Perry is retired and may not be committed to the time that this entails. Father Paul also stated that we may need to put a limit on receiving intentions till we get the back log reduced significantly. One Sunday a month has to be for the Parish, and we don’t want anyone to have to wait more than 6 months after someone has passed away. Father Paul said he will continue to pray about it.

Comments, Questions, Concerns and Feedback for/by Pastor:

  • Father Paul is pleased with the direction we are going and the progress of the Council. He is happy Annie decided to come to us; please continue to pray and support her. Deacon Harry and Marcia have stepped forward for RCIA. He also stated that he is sorry about what happened with the flooding, but is pleased that we have this opportunity to make this beautiful Church even more beautiful. He thanked everyone for all their prayers and support, and said he believes that St. Francis can be a beacon of light for our community.


Kathy Lynch blessed us with her faith sharing.

Father Paul initiated the Lord’s Prayer and the Council joined in.

Next Meeting: Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017 @ 6:20 in the Church.

Prayer – prior to meeting – Kathy Lynch

Faith Sharing –