Who is Jesus Christ?

“Who do you say that I am?” is a question that Jesus asked his disciples.   It is a question every believer from the first to the 21st  century.  This morning I would like us to reflect on that question by sharing a poem that I have adapted, added to and subtracted from.    


Perhaps in this day and age, time and place to some people

Jesus belongs in another age when life was simple.

But even so, for millions upon millions of believers Jesus is

an important and present reality in their lives.


If I am broken by life and left on the edges of society,

Jesus is my Good Samaritan.

If I have sinned and left God for the so-called good things of the world,

squandering my gifts, and then finding myself unsatisfied, return to him,

he is my Father and I am the Prodigal Son or Daughter

If I am lost in the complexity of this society,

he is my Good Shepherd, seeking me out and guiding me home.

If I am hungry and alone,

Jesus is the Bread of Life and my companion.


If I am week, he is my strength.

If I am sinful, he is my holiness.

If I am fearful, he is my courage.

If I am doubtful, he is my faith.

If I am anxious, he is my peace.

If I am suffering, he is my comfort.

If I am lost, Jesus is my way.


If I am young, he is my Lord.

If I am in the middle of my years, Jesus is my brother.

If I am old, Jesus is my friend and consolation.


Who is Jesus Christ?

The answers stretch from here to forever.

Today the Church answers the question by saying

“Jesus Christ is King!”

Jesus is the King of Glory, the King of Creation,

the King of Kings and Lord of Lords,

the King of Life who shed his blood for us,

the King who will judge us all one day.  


Jesus is for us in so many ways.  What is our response?

Today’s gospel makes it clear what our King expects of us.

Christ expects us to show our gratitude, love and allegiance by

 feeding the hungry and quenching the thirsty;

  • providing shelter for the homeless  and clothing the naked;
  • caring for the ill and comforting the grieving;
  • visiting the imprisoned and loving others as Jesus loves us.

Nothing less will satisfy.  Nothing less will do