Phase 1 of our long-awaited renovation has begun! Phase 1 entails the removal of the pews, carpeting, and old tile under the carpeting followed by the installation of the new flooring on the old side of the church.  Phase I is expected to be completed by September 21. During this phase of the construction, it will be necessary to make several adjustments to our Mass routines as follows:

– Sunday Masses will be celebrated on the new side of the church.

– Sunday Mass times will remain the same.

– We anticipate better opportunity for seating at the Saturday Vigil 5:00 PM  Mass and Sunday morning 8:30 AM Mass, as the choir loft will be closed during this phase, requiring the choir to relocate to the front of the new side. Choir members are encouraged to remove all materials from the choir loft that they may need during the renovation.

– The main entrance to the church on South Oakwood Avenue will be closed.

– Worshippers may enter from the side entrances on the porch of the new side or from the back parking lot using the covered stairway.  Wheelchair ramp access on side porch.

– Daily Mass will be celebrated in De Sales Hall at 8:30 AM. Use the side entrances.

– Altar servers will meet and vest in the Rectory before Mass. Enter at the rear entrance of the new side and use the walkway to the rectory meeting room.

We apologize for these short-term inconveniences and appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.


Here’s What’s Behind The Curtain

Next Up: 
– Carpet to be cut away.
– Tiles underneath to be removed.

Please Remember…
The main entrance to the church on South Oakwood Avenue will be closed. So please use the entrances and areas mentioned above while the parish is under construction.  We truly appreciate your patience in this matter.