A Recent Daily Mass Homily by Deacon Harry Evans

Every Sunday we sit in the “nave” of the church, a word whose origins come from the Latin navis which means “boat” or “ship.”Jesus invites us to get into the boat which provides us safety and security…BUT  

When we are in the boat do we realize that Jesus is sending us into troubled waters? At the end of Mass we hear the command “GO” (get out of the boat). The question Peter asks, “IF it is you Lord,” is a good indication that he already doubts 

….reluctant to get out of the boat… …  

How do we know it is God’s voice that is calling us to action?Do we take time to listen to the still, small voice? Like Peter, do we take our eyes off of Jesus and become fixated on the storm raging around us or do we get out of the boat in in faith in an attempt to rescue those in need?

There is a great danger that people just attend Mass and never take their faith outside the walls of the church. The storms of life prevent us from heading out and reaching the intended destination where Jesus might send us. If we do go in to the deep, then those rescued are brought back into the boat… for safety, for healing, for sustenance and for direction.

Our boat, the community of believers – the church – is the safe haven – even in the midst of the storm. Are we still tied up at the dock? Or have we cast off into the deep, ready for rescue, along with the full assurance of our Captain, Jesus, that he can lead us to the other side?

It’s a question we can all ask of ourselves and our community of faith. The church is our lifeboat… offered to all… but we still must be willing to step out in faith…knowing that it IS the Lord calling us in.