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1706, 2018

The Body and Blood of Christ

Being a n early riser, I usually went to daily Mass with my Dad form the time I was in kindergarten.  Therefore, the greatest day of my life was when I celebrated and received my first communion.  So caught up in the joyous wonder of being able to receive communion, I began to count the number of other people who received communion at weekday Mass.  In those days we knelt at a communion rail and the priest would walk by and give communion.  One day, much to my embarrassment, when the priest said, “The Body of Christ,” I replied, “Fourteen.”  [...]

506, 2018

Notes from Pentecost Sunday

Sometimes words seem to lose something in the translation.  This is especially true when it comes to religious ideas.  In his book Meditations Anthony Bloom tells one such story.  “A Japanese man once said to me.  ‘I think I understand about the Father and the Son, but I can never discover the significance of ‘the honorable bird.’” That man is not alone.  Most Christians find it hard to grasp the meaning of the Holy Spirit and the meaning of the feast we call Pentecost.  Chances are you may have never noticed that there are two versions of the coming of [...]

105, 2018

April 22, 2018 Homily

Although I can’t personally vouch for it, this story is said to be true.    A Sunday school superintendent in a protestant church had two new boys -- brothers -- to register for Sunday school.  After writing down their names, she asked them for their ages and birthdays.  One of them said, “We are both seven.  My birthday is April 8, 1976 and my brother’s is April 20, 1976.”  “But that’s impossible,” answered the superintendent.  “No, it’s not,” one of the brothers answered, “One of us is adopted.”  Without thinking, the woman asked, “Which one?”  The boys looked at each other [...]

1904, 2018

Easter Sunday Homily

We’ve all seen weight loss commercials that show before and after pictures of people who used their product. There are many make over shows on television which show how people, rooms, front yards or even entire houses are transformed. Once again before and after pictures or video can often leave us amazed at what happened. The resurrection of Jesus is perhaps the best example in the Bible of what a difference a few days make. Jesus was the person who gave meaning to the disciples’ lives. They had pledged their lives to Jesus. They put their dreams in Jesus. They [...]

1004, 2018

On this Feast we call “Good Friday”

On this Feast we call “Good Friday” listen to these words from the second century by Saint Melito of Sardis. They include both a prayer to Jesus and something for us to consider. You have given yourself for redemption: soul for soul, body for body, blood for blood, man for many, and death for death. O strange and unspeakable mystery: The Judge was judged. He who loosed the bound was bound. He who created the world was fixed with nails. He who measures heaven and earth was measured. He who gives creatures life died. He who raises the dead was [...]

202, 2018

Mark Chapter 17

Homily Notes for January 28, 2018 Olympic Gold Medalist and one-time presidential candidate Bill Bradley tells of the time he was attending a political dinner in Washington. A waiter came around with butter. He said, “I would like two patties, please.’ The waiter replied, “I’m sorry, sir; it’s just one to a customer. Bradley msaid, “Well, I guess you don’t know who I am. I am a senior member of the US Senate. Before that I was an all-star with the NY Knicks. Before that I was a Rhodes scholar at Oxford” The waiter answered, “Well, I guess you don’t [...]

1401, 2018

“Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.”

January 14, 2018 I think it is fairly safe to say that there has never been a time in human history when there have been as many different ways to communicate as there are in this day and age.  We have telephones, cell phones and pagers; intercoms and public address systems; faxes, telegrams, flyers, and newsletters; radios, televisions, billboards, utube videos; websites, blogs, facebook, snapchat, twitter; snail mail, express mail, email, and instant messages.  It is ironic that with so many different ways to communicate, it seems we do less and less every year. Just as there are many different ways that people [...]

1212, 2017

Make a New Beginning

Homily Notes for December 10, 2017 Second Sunday of Advent A little boy walked out into his backyard wearing a baseball cap and carrying a bat and all.  “I am the greatest hitter in the world,” he said.  Then he tossed the ball into the air, swung at it, missed.  “Strike one!” he yelled.  “I am the greatest hitter in the world,” he said.  Then he tossed the ball into the air, swung at it, missed again.  “Strike Two !” he yelled.  “I am the greatest hitter in the world,” he said.  Then he tossed the ball into the air, [...]

712, 2017

Remember! Celebrate! Believe!

Once upon a time a four year old girl pulled on his mom’s skirt as she was baking cookies.     She asked, “How long is it until Christmas?”  “Three more weeks,” came the answer.  “I can’t wait that long,” the child screamed.  “I want to have Christmas NOW.  I want a horse NOW.  Why do we have to wait for everything?”  The woman thought about it, got down on her knees, and explained, “Well, honey, if we could have all the things we want NOW, there’d be no surprises, no excitement -- there’d be nothing to look forward to.”  The girl [...]

712, 2017

12/7/07 Minutes

Ad Hoc Sanctuary Committee Minutes for 12/07/17   The Ad Hoc Sanctuary Committee met on Monday, December 4, 2017 at the Rectory and in the church.  Present were Rusty Rappold, John Sadowski, Deacon Harry Evans, Marcia Evans, Ann Conte, Fran Klaus, Jesse Loot, Skip Jennings,  Father Paul Wharton, and David Gardiner (from Gardiner-Hall Associates).  The minutes were accepted as distributed.     Mr. Gardiner presented a series of handouts with price estimates for the new flooring and liturgifal appointments: ambo, font, altar of repose.  The price estimate for the new floor is $130,000.  The reasons for not going with carpet [...]