Ad Hoc Sanctuary Committee Minutes for 12/07/17


The Ad Hoc Sanctuary Committee met on Monday, December 4, 2017 at the Rectory and in the church.  Present were Rusty Rappold, John Sadowski, Deacon Harry Evans, Marcia Evans, Ann Conte, Fran Klaus, Jesse Loot, Skip Jennings,  Father Paul Wharton, and David Gardiner (from Gardiner-Hall Associates).  The minutes were accepted as distributed.  


Mr. Gardiner presented a series of handouts with price estimates for the new flooring and liturgifal appointments: ambo, font, altar of repose.  The price estimate for the new floor is $130,000.  The reasons for not going with carpet were reheashed: easier to clean, longer lasting, better accoustics and appearance.  Porcelain tile will last as long as the church building does.  


Two designs for the flooring were presented.   In the first option, the porcelain tile will be in all aisles and delux vinyl flooring beneath the pews in both sides of the church.  In the second plan, the tile on the new side would only cover the main aisle.  Both for reasons of consistancy and appearance as well as the somewhat insignificant difference in price, the concensus was to have both sides done the same.


Two designs for the ambo (pulpit) were presented.  The Gereral Instruction of the Roman Missal and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops mandate that the altar, font, altar of repose, and ambo complement each other.  Mr. Gardiner believes that very similar, possibly identical marble may be found and used.   


No choices were made at this time about the designs for a new ambo.  Mr. Gardiner talked about the altar of repose upon which the tabernacle rests.  He presented a drawing.  At an earlier meeting of this committee it was decided to uncover the previous and original saying from the Gospel according to John that was covered over by the Alpha and Omega.  The tabernacle now sits upon a laminate shelf.  The recommend-ation is reduce the footprint of the tabernacle which is bigger than the main altar, replace the four steps with two, have a true altar of repose.  The taberacle will be no less central or visible.  


Mr Gardiner presented four and Fran  Klaus two possiblities for a medallion in the lower sanctuary floor where caskets are placed during funerals.  After some discussion, the concensus is for using the cross in the design of the bench now resting against the central back wall on the new side of the church.


The chairs for the priest and deacon will be reposititioned near where the creedence table now rests.  The priest and deacon will no longer have their back to the tabernacle and more easily see people on both sides of the church.    The bench in the back of the new section will be moved to the lower sanctuary as will the creedence table and other chairs for servers.


Father Paul reminded everyone that whatever decisions we make, they must be approved by both the Finance and Pastoral Councils.  Then they must be presented to parisioners at large.  Next, the Art and Architecture Commission for the Dioocese of Wheeling-Charleston will have to okay the plans.  Finally, the Office of Finance will have to approve the plan for paying for the work.  


The committee went over the the church and looked at samples for the flooring.  An oyster gray delux vinyl was chosen for underneath the pews.  Some porcelein tiles were chosen.  It was agreed to see how the look in the light of day in the morning before choices are finalized.  Having done that the choice seemed obvious to those present: Rusty Rappold, Marcia Evans, Emily Meadows, Ann Conte, Fran Klaus, and Fr. Paul.


Mr. Gardiner agreed to do a larger illustration with the chosen colors to give people an idea of how things will look.


Deacon Harry and John Sadowski will talking to a local contractor for a bid on installing the flooring and demolishing the four steps leading up to the tabernacle and replacing them with two.


The next meeting of the Ad Hoc Sanctuary Coimmittee is scheduled for January 4 at 6:30 p.m. in the rectory and church.  


Respectfully submitted,


Very Rev. Paul J. Wharton, V.F.


P.S.  During his drive back to Washington, DC, an idea of how to save money occurred to Mr. Gardiner.  More information will follow.