St. Francis de Sales Church Ad Hoc Sanctuary Committee
September 5, 2017

  • The committee met at 6:30 p.m. in the Rectory and opened with prayer
  • Those present: Ann Conte, Deacon Harry and Marsha Evans, Michael Farris, Annette and Skip Jennings, Fran Klaus, Emily Meadows, Margie Owens, and Father Paul Wharton. Absent: Dr. Jesse Loot
  • Father asked the committee to look at carpet samples from three vendors: Floor Show of Beckley, Lee Carpets of Oak Hill, and Family Carpet from Princeton
  • Deacon Harry was asked to contact these vendors and get their recommendations. (Later it was decided to wait until discussions with the Liturgical Consultant.)
  • The carpet in the narthex will be taken out immediately, as this was at the source of the water leak and it is beginning to get an odor. Carpet runners will be placed temporarily in the narthex.
  • It was suggested to check the storage closet under the narthex as it seems to be a source of odor as well
  • John Sadowski probably has floor plans for the Church. Deacon Harry will contact him and also invite him to join the Ad Hoc Committee, since he is an engineer who can provide valuable input
  • The Diocese requires any parish doing work to the church building to use the services of a Liturgical Consultant. Father Paul has engaged the services of Gardiner-Hall Associates to assist with this project.  They worked together on projects in Sacred Heart Bluefield, Sacred Heart Princeton, and Saint Leo the Great Inwood.  The Ad Hoc Sanctuary Committee will meet with Mr. David Gardiner September 20, 2017 at 6:30 pm
  • Father Paul suggests we replace the carpet under the pews as an immediate project and hold off on sanctuary renovations until later.
  • It was a consensus of the committee to make renovations in the sanctuary area as a single project and not piecemealed. The committee felt a hard surface under the pews would be a better alternative and possible carpeting in the aisles.  Fran Klaus suggested carpet tiles.  The committee felt it is better to wait until the committee can get input from the Consultant.  It was a consensus to take time and make the correct decisions
  • Father Paul was able to get Mr. Gardiner on the phone. The committee preliminarily asked his opinion about the type of surface to use under pews.  He explained that while carpeting is cheaper its maintenance is not easy.  He suggests a commercial vinyl but wants to wait to see the church in person to make recommendations.
  • Father Paul advised the group that the insurance company is paying the replacement of carpet in the entire sanctuary (“old” side, “new” side, and altar), as it is considered one area.
  • A budget has not been set at this time with the understanding that the insurance claim will only pay the price of replacing carpet. Any upgrades will involve fundraising for the difference in costs.
  • The committee toured the sanctuary of the church and was able to determine that a brown tile is under the carpeting in the congregational areas. There was debate as to what material the sanctuary floor under the carpet is constructed.
  • It was agreed that we will seek to find pictures from the past to give Mr. Gardiner and us a better idea of how the sanctuary used to be.
  • The next meeting is Wednesday, September 20 at 6:30 pm. David Gardiner will be present at that time.

Fr. Paul is grateful to Emily Meadows for accepting the thankless task of taking minutes!