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Coronavirus Captivity Update: Day 81 — The Power of Touch

When Mrs. Klein told her first graders to draw a picture of something for which they were thankful, she thought how little these children, who lived in a deteriorating neighborhood, actually had to be thankful for. She knew that most of the class would draw pictures of turkeys or of bountifully laden Thanksgiving tables. That [...]


May 31, 2020 | The Feast of Pentecost

Homily by Father Paul Wharton On its website The National Restaurant Association asks and answers this question: ‘What’s the difference between a film premiere and a restaurant opening? “At a film opening, you’re showcasing a finished product, while at a restaurant opening, you’re just getting started. . . . And nobody gets everything perfect the [...]


Coronavirus Captivity Update: Day 74 — A Soft Opening

SOME HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE: 90 years ago today in 1930, the 1,046 feet Chrysler Building in New York City, the tallest man-made structure at the time, opened to the public.  It’s claim to fame, however, was short lived when the Empire State Building was completed less than a year later.  Also, on this date in 1937, [...]


May 24, 2020 | The Feast of the Ascension

Homily by Father Paul Wharton It still happens even today in this age of so-called “Helicopter Parents” who seem to hover over their children all the time.  Children do get lost from their parents in stores, on busy streets, and places with large crowds.  Often times these lost children aren’t even aware they are lost [...]



Masses will continue to be live-streamed every day but Saturday.  Mass continues to be at 10:00 am, except on Saturday when it is at 5:00 pm.  The regular Sunday Mass schedule will be restored when necessary and enough volunteers make it as safe as possible to do so. *Please read this notice about what to expect when [...]


May 17, 2020

Homily by Father Paul Wharton Well..... Are you ready? ... Willing?  ...  Able? I am not talking about the end of this pandemic, but of something more important.  The Letter of Peter is very clear on this. “Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope.” [...]