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Job Openings

Our school has two openings for the faculty beginning this fall.  We need a Middle School Language Arts Teacher as well as one for PreK – 3. For more information or to apply, please contact the school by phone (304) 252-4087 or principal@sfccwv.org


Coronavirus Chronicles: April 14, 2021 — Holiness

A student of the Torah came to his teacher and announced that, in his opinion, he was qualified for ordination as a rabbi. “What are your qualifications?” asked the sage. The student replied, “I have disciplined my body so that I can sleep on the ground, eat the grass of the field, and allow myself [...]



08:30 am Wed. | April 14: CLOSED  — SCHOOL ONLY Zosima Lecias by Vickie Dargo 10:00 am  Thur. | April 15: OPEN/Protocols Libby and Mary Interdonato by Shirley Kim 08:30 am  Fri. | April 16: CLOSED — SCHOOL ONLY Daugherty and Wilson fams. by Shirley Kim 05:00 pm  Sat. | April 17: OPEN/Protocols John Baker by Martha Baker 08:30 am  Sun. [...]


Coronavirus Chronicles — April 11, 2021

Saint Gemma Galgani was an Italian mystic who was born on March 12, 1878, in a small Italian town near Lucca.  When she made her First Communion on June 17, 1887, she asked a classmate if he or she felt the same burning in her heart as she did. She was unable to enter the [...]


Divine Mercy Sunday

The second Sunday of Easter was named “Divine Mercy Sunday” by Saint Pope John Paul II.  We will have an hour of Eucharistic Adoration with the Divine Mercy Chaplet on April 11 at 3pm.


Coronavirus Chronicles: April 4, 2021 — Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is especially joyful with the Gloria and the use of Alleluias.  People renew their baptismal promises and are sprinkled with holy water.  Masses begin at 8:00 am, 10:00 am, and 12:00 pm.   All are welcome.  The Services are OPEN with Protocols.   MASS SCHEDULE and INTENTIONS: PLEASE NOTE THE DIFFERENT TIMES for EASTER SUNDAY [...]


Coronavirus Chronicles: April 3, 2021 — Holy Saturday

The Easter Vigil is the Church’s most solemn, beautiful, and grace-filled liturgy.  It is a celebration of the presence of God in the people gathered, the symbols used, the Word proclaimed, the story of salvation told, faith professed, promises renewed, and the Eucharist celebrated and shared.  Anyone initiated at the Easter Vigil should come and [...]


Coronavirus Chronicles: April 1, 2021 — Holy Thursday

Today the Church throughout the world celebrations the Commemoration of the Lord’s Supper.  We rejoice in and receive the gift of the Eucharist.  We remember Jesus’ command, “Love one another as I have loved you.”  We are invited afterwards to spend time with our Eucharistic Lord downstairs in De Sales Hall any time before midnight. [...]

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