Coronavirus Chronicles: May 30, 2021 — God-given Gifts

One of the best things about being a practicing Roman catholic is that every Sunday we have an opportunity to be fed spiritually twice. First, we have the Liturgy of God’s Word.  There are four readings from Sacred Scripture to inspire us if are hungry for such nourishment.  One hopes one might receive some inspiration [...]


Coronavirus Chronicles: May 5, 2021 — Mary

May and October are traditional months when Catholics are especially mindful of the importance of devotion to Blessed Mary the Mother of God and our mother.  It used to be that one of the greatest honors for a Catholic girl was to be chosen to place the crown on the statue of Mary in a [...]


Coronavirus Chronicles: May 2, 2021 – King James Bible

On this day in 1611, the King James Version of the Bible was published In London by printer by Robert Barker and John Norton.  It is a treasured part of Protestant History and the English Language.  It is often cited for its beautiful, if not sometimes archaic language.   The Roman Catholic Douay-Rheims English translation of [...]

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