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Saint Catherine of Siena was born on March 25 in 1347 just in time for the second great pandemic bubonic plague rightly called “Black Death.”  Before it ran its course, about HALF the people are thought to have died in Europe.  She was one of the 13 of 25 children who survived infancy.  Yet, her family nickname was Joy.  She was a third order Dominican, visionary, mystic, writer, theologian, and diplomat. This Saint and Doctor of the Church died at age 33, but she helped spark the flames of renewal in the Church of her day.


Saint Catherine understood that the awe-inspiring fire of God’s love was available through faith. She wrote, “”Be happy. Be content — always, everywhere, in all circumstances —because every circumstance is a gift of love for you from the Eternal Father. That’s why God wants us to rejoice in every one of our troubles, and to praise and give glory to His name — yes, in everything — because God loves you with a forever kind of love. Buck up! Remember who loves you, and be encouraged today and every day in Christ, gentle Jesus.”


Remarkable words from an exceptional woman to read, reflect on, and remember as we deal with our Coronavirus Captivity.  She said,  “When we trust in God, we live in the light of true faith, and our obedient souls are set on fire in the furnace of divine love.”

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It sounds like it might take longer than first thought for this pandemic to run its course. The more we stay home and don’t come in contact with others, the faster it’ll be over.


The reason the area around the recycling bin looks like a crime scene is because pickups will no longer be made. Please do not bring recyclables until the city begins pickups.


Pope Francis has asked Catholics and all other Christians to pray for an end to the pandemic, healing for the sick, and the eternal repose of the dead.  Please stop what you are doing at 12 noon on Wednesday March 25.  Pray one Our Father and lift up your heart seeking God’s help.



Holy Mary, Health of the Sick,  pray for us.

Saint Joseph, Great Protector and Patron of our Diocese, pray for us.

Saint Luke, Dear and Glorious Physician, pray for us.

Saint Francis de Sales, Helper of Seekers, pray for us.

All Holy men, women, children, and youth, pray for us.


May our Almighty and Merciful God, watch over and protect us

+ in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Amen.


Saint Luke includes this saying of Jesus: “I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing!”  When Jesus said this he was referring to how he would be a cause of division.  On a deeper level, Christians have seen something more.  Jesus is the Light of the World who pours out the fire of the Holy Spirit.


Here is perhaps Saint Catherine’s most famous quote, one to think and pray — “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”