“Christ the King Sunday celebrates the all-embracing authority of Christ as King and Lord of all things. Officially called ‘The Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King,’ it is celebrated on the final Sunday of Ordinary Time, the Sunday before Advent. Pope Pius XI instituted The Feast of Christ the King in 1925. He connected the increasing denial of Christ as king to the rise of secularism throughout Europe. At that time many Christians (including Catholics) began to doubt Christ’s authority and existence, as well as the Church’s power to continue Christ’s authority. Pius hoped the institution of the feast would have various effects. They were:

1. That nations would see that the Church has the right to freedom, and immunity from the state (Quas Primas, 32).

2. That leaders and nations would see that they are bound to give respect to Christ (Quas Primas, 31).

3. That the faithful would gain strength and courage from the celebration of the feast, as we are reminded that Christ must reign in our hearts, minds, wills, and bodies (Quas Primas, 33).

“When we celebrate Christ as King, we are not celebrating an oppressive ruler, but one willing to die for humanity and whose ‘loving-kindness endures forever.’ Christ is the king that gives us true freedom, freedom in Him. Thus we must never forget that Christ radically redefined and transformed the concept of kingship.”



FIRST HOLY COMMUNION is scheduled to be celebrated at a special Mass on Saturday, November 21 @ 11am. This Mass will be CLOSED to the public, but live streamed on Facebook.  Please keep our First Communicants and their families in your prayers.

GIVING TREE PROJECT – This year the Parish will again sponsor local middle school students to help brighten their Christmas Season.  In keeping the health and safety of others in mind, this year we are asking for only donations of money or gift cards.  Letters have been mailed to all Parishioners and donations are now being accepted and will do so through December 4.  Donations can be mailed (626 S. Oakwood Avenue), dropped off at the Parish office, or placed in the collection basket at any Mass. On behalf of the children, we thank you in advance for the wonderful and generous donations to the 2020 Season!

COMING SOON – Thanksgiving Day Mass will be at 10am, and will be open with protocols as well as live streamed on Facebook.

GIVING TUESDAY is right around the corner on December 1st.  It is a day in which people are invited to open their hearts and give to charity with intention.  Our website will have more information in the near future on how you can help our parish.



Wed 18 – 8:30
Juanita Pfeiffer by Jacqui Lee (school only)

Thu. 19 – 10am
Elizabeth Interdonato by Sam (OPEN & PROTOCOLS)

Fri.  20 – 8:30
Connie Williams by Colossi fam. (school only)

SAT.  21
Parishioners and Poor Souls (OPEN & PROTOCOLS)

SUN. 22
Steve Moscarito by family (OPEN & PROTOCOLS)

Mary & Jerry Raimo by Jerezas (OPEN & PROTOCOLS)



Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.

— Isaiah 7:14

To the King of ages, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.

— 1 Timothy 1:17

Jesus Christ the faithful witness, the firstborn of the dead, and the ruler of kings on earth. To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood and made us a kingdom, priests to his God and Father, to him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.

— Revelation 1:5-6



[It] is not enough to pray, ‘Thy kingdom come,’ but to work, so that the Kingdom of God will exist among us today.

– Saint Ursula Julia Ledochowska (1865-1939)

The Lord our King will hold the door of His heart open for anyone who wants to enter for an audience at any time.

– Saint Pio (1887-1968)

I think, if I had understood then, as I do now, how this great King really dwells within this little palace of my soul, I should not have left Him alone so often, but should have stayed with Him and never have allowed His dwelling-place to get so dirty. How wonderful it is that He Whose greatness could fill a thousand worlds, and very many more, should confine Himself within so small a space, just as He was pleased to dwell within the womb of His most holy Mother!

–Saint Teresa of Avila (1515-1582)



Holy One, enthroned in glory over all creation, you are a shepherd to the lost and the least. Teach us to see your face among the poor— feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, welcoming the stranger, clothing the naked, and visiting those who are sick or in prison— so that we may share in your eternal realm prepared from the foundation of the world; through Jesus Christ, who is coming indeed, to reign with justice, compassion, and love.


POEM of the DAY:   Falling

I am falling

like the rain

like the light through the broken clouds


I am falling

like a leaf

whose time it is to drop

like a musical note

carried aloft

to your ear and mine.


I am falling like the sun

like someone

who realises there are no more supports

for the weight we carry

which we voluntarily adopt.


I am falling

into grace

and love that has no boundaries,

but draws me from my feet

to the floor

where I bow in reverence

to the one who holds me up.


I am falling

but to the relief

that comes from knowing

I am carried on the currents of the wind,

to greater and greater


The return of those who give up

their rights,

and fall that they might gain;

of those who hit the floor

to find a universe

under their feet.

— Ana Lisa de Jong

Be sure to find more poetry at Ana Lisa de Jong’s website: https://livingtreepoetry.com/category/poetry/  She has several books available for purchase.



I’m like a November afternoon …

Short, not very bright, and I finish too soon.


It’s November 10th 1823, Paris, France… And 3 prisoners are to be executed on the public squared that day; An artist, a cook and an engineer. The artists walks up to the guillotine bows down and prays to god. The executioner releases the blade and it stops a half inch above the artist’s head. They try and try but the blade won’t fall all the way down. The artists looks up and says “If the guillotine doesn’t work, it’s God’s will that I continue to paint.” The executioner has no other option and lets the artist go. Next, the cook walks up to the guillotine, bows down and prays to God. The blade is released and   once again it falls short. The official tries and tries again and the cook finally ends up saying “If the guillotine doesn’t work, it’s God’s will that I continue to cook.” And  the cook goes free.  Finally, the last prisoner, the engineer, walks up to the guillotine, bows down and says his last words. The executioner releases the blade and once again, the blade falls short. The engineer looks up and says “Hey, I can fix that!”