Overcoming the Lie | Week 12 | Dirty Little Secrets

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Video Transcript:

Do you have a dirty little secret? My experience is, we’ve all got a few of them. But we’ve all got one as Christians—and the dirty little secret is, most of the time, we don’t actually want our lives transformed.We talk a good game. We talk a good game individually. We talk a good game at church. But the dirty little secret of almost every Christian, in almost every church in America, is that we don’t actually want God all up in our business transforming us, and transforming our lives, and transforming our churches.

We’re sort of comfortable, and we’re addicted to comfort, and we really like being comfortable. But that doesn’t get it done. That doesn’t change the world. That doesn’t help us become the-best-version-of-ourselves.

That doesn’t help us to have great marriages and great families and great churches and great society.

We want that? We’ve got to get beyond our comfort addiction. We’ve got to open our hearts, our minds, our souls, and say, “Come on, God. Transform me. Transform my life, and transform our Church.”