Homily by Father Paul Wharton

Words can be found on our computers, televisions, radios, smart phones, tablets, billboards and advertisements.  Let’s not forget books, readers, papers, magazines, and blogs.  Bookstores have tens of thousands of books with millions of words.  How do we choose the right ones from among all these words to listen to and act upon?

Today’s readings speak to us about the Word that really does and certainly should matter to us: God’s Word.  A Jesuit priest explains, “Either you and I are more important than God or God is more important than we are.  The answer is obvious, isn’t it?  God is more important than we are.  Further, if what God wants and does is more important than what we want or do, then more of our attention should be focused on what God is and does.”

In this day and age, when there are so many words bombarding us, with complete conviction we need THIS — God’s Word must be part of our lives.  Both God, speaking through the prophet Isaiah, and Jesus make two important and related points in today’s readings.

First, God’s Word will make a difference in our lives because that Word has power to change our lives.  The Word of God that comes to us in the Old and the New Testaments speaks to us here and now today.  It can console us or challenge us, enrich us and enable us, make us cry or give us hope. Sometimes a passage we have read or heard many times we speak to us a a new and powerful way because God’s Word is alive and has power.

Second, we have to be open to God’s Word if it is to bear fruit in our lives. If we do not read or listen to it, if we make pleasures and possessions our priorities in life, or if we get to caught up in our worries or problems, then the living and powerful Word of God cannot take root and be fruitful in our lives.  God tries to get through to us, but too often we are like children who put fingers in their ears, make funny noises, and say, “I can’t hear you!

So what is my point today?  Read the Bible! Reflect on God’s Word!  Rely on the Scriptures in your daily prayer.  Don’t ever say you were never told to read the Bible. Remember three these words about God’s Word: Read, Reflect, and Rely.