Homily by Father Paul Wharton

Perhaps by the time I was in middle school and certainly in high school, a question students sometimes asked a teacher was, “Is this going be on the test?”   The answer would tell us how important it was and is. In the Gospels, when Jesus wants us to know that something is very important, he begins by saying, “Amen, I say to you…” Now we don’t hear those words in today’s gospel, but because they are among his last words before his death, we know that they’re very important indeed.

Jesus calls the disciples and us who believe “friends.” He all commands us to three very important things.

  • First, we are to love one another as Jesus loves us. Don’t forget that Jesus loves us to the point of death, even death on the cross. Every time we hate a person or refuse to forgive, we offend God.
  • Next, we must allow the fruits of the Holy Spirit to take effect in us, and be reflected in our attitudes and actions, in what we say and do.
  • Finally, we have to depend on God, to remain connected to Jesus, and to ask for what we need to be true followers of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Yes, this will be on our most important test of all: our final judgment.

  • How well did we love others?
  • What kind of fruit did we produce?
  • How much did we depend 0n God?