Welcome to Discovery Groups
at St. Francis deSales Catholic Church!

Discovery Groups are small groups of 4-8 people. We meet weekly for 1 hour at the time and convenience of the group. Attending church on Sundays can be life changing—and that’s exciting! But sometimes, you might wonder how to connect with and get to know others. Discovery groups are a great way to make a big church feel small.

Discover groups are places to get out of a “pew” and into a “circle” of friends. They are spaces to ask questions without judgment, to learn more about what it means to be a Christian who follows the Catholic Traditions and to serve and grow with others in your parish. They are also a place to challenge and be challenged respectfully.

In Discovery groups, you don’t feel like you have all the answers. If you need childcare while you’re at a Discovery group, please let us know. We’ll see what we can do to help out.

Jesus is the indispensable, core message of the Christian faith. Discovery leads you through a simple but personally challenging look at the Gospel message. Based on the Gospel, Discovery explores God’s personal love for you and some of the different aspects of His love: offered, proven and merciful. You will also explore Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. Finally, presented with these realities, Discovery will invite you to personally respond to Christ’s Love. (Catholic Christian Outreach)

Each participant will receive a Discovery handbook. Please choose which small group you would like to join. The leaders will be in touch with you soon to set a date and time for your first get-together.

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The first resource supporting our journey along the pathway of Discipleship

In order to become a parish where it’s easy to get to know Jesus, we are utilizing the small group discipleship process developed by Catholic Christian Outreach for adult Catholics.   These five faith studies provide solid stepping stones for developing a personal relationship with Jesus, developing the heart and habits of a disciple, and basic skills for leading others to faith in Jesus and the Church.

A few great resources

“Habitual Temptation and Sin”

Fr. Paul delivered a homily in Morgantown as part of the Diocesan Lenten Pilgrimage.  Click the above link to view the YouTube video.