In the Gospels this week, Jesus sends the Apostles on a mission of evangelization, a mission that we continue today.  We Catholics cannot avoid the demand of evangelization… of proclaiming the faith. It is the central work of the Church that around which everything else we do revolves.   Do we need evangelization? The statistics couldn’t be clearer. Did you know that the fastest-growing “religious” group in the United States is those who claim no religious affiliation? In the latest Pew Research Center survey, fully 25 percent of the country—80 million people—say that they have no formal religion. When we focus on young people, the picture is even more bleak. Almost 40 percent of those under thirty claim no religious affiliation.

It is through the RCIA process that we offer an opportunity for those interested in the Catholic faith to come and see. We also offer an opportunity for members of our parish to share in the work of evangelization by participating in the process as team members, hospitality providers and sponsors. As we prepare for another RCIA term in September, we ask you to consider and invite those you think might be interested in learning more about the Catholic Church and also consider where you might be able to help in the primary mission of the Church.

For information or questions contact Deacon Harry Evans at 304-549-4590