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Fr. Paul’s Homilies

Feast of All Souls

Fifth Century Saint Augustine is one of the most influential Christian thinkers in the history of the Church.  Like some very famous saints, he had a sordid, sinful past.  His mother was Saint Monica who prayed for her son’s conversion tirelessly for many years.  Through the grace of God she lived to see that day. The story of her death written by her son is very moving.  Saint Monica died far from home, but she did not want a lavish funeral. She told Saint Augustine, “Lay this body wherever it may be.  Let no care of it […]

Feast of All Saints

“She was a great saint.”  They said at the woman’s funeral.  But she had worked no miracles, she had written no great books, she had held no great church office.  Indeed, she had not even spent most of her life in prayer for she had been far too busy.  Coping with the cares of her family, her husband’s long illness, and the difficulties of modern life, she was unnoticed by the world.  But when she died, people said she had been a saint….. ………………..  Her life had simply been Christian.


Today’s festival is the great feast of little […]