Spiritual Direction

How is God present in my daily life? What inside me is closed off from God, and what inside me yearns to be closer to God?  Spiritual direction provides a companion and guide for the journey of spiritual growth. WVIS Associate Spiritual Director Peg Nagem will travel to Beckley once a month, beginning January 18, 2019, to meet one to one with those interested in Spiritual Direction. Donations to WVIS generally run between $50 to $100 per meeting. Phyllis Vealey is also WVIS Associate Spiritual Director.

If you are interested in Spiritual Direction, please contact Peg Nagem at ChesedPeg@gmail.com, or call WVIS at (304) 345-0926 with your contact information, and she will get in touch with you to schedule a time to meet. Phyllis is typically available on a certain day each month. She can be contacted by email pweagel@suddenlink.net or phone 304-575-1414.