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Fr. Paul’s Homilies

A Recent Daily Mass Homily by Deacon Harry Evans

Every Sunday we sit in the “nave” of the church, a word whose origins come from the Latin navis which means “boat” or “ship.”Jesus invites us to get into the boat which provides us safety and security…BUT  

When we are in the boat do we realize that Jesus is sending us into troubled waters? At the end of Mass we hear the command “GO” (get out of the boat). The question Peter asks, “IF it is you Lord,” is a good indication that he already doubts 

….reluctant to get out of the boat… …  

How do we know […]

July 15, 2018 Homily

City Slickers is a movie about three middle aged friends whose idea of a vacation is to go on a cattle drive.  At one point Billy Crystal asks a crusty old cowboy what the meaning of life is.  The cowboy holds up one finger and says, “The meaning of life is one thing.”  Crystal says, “OK.  So what is it?”  The cowboy says that it is for each person to discover.  When they do, they have to make it the most important thing in their life.  Everything else is less important.

Our scripture readings today speak to us […]