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Fr. Paul’s Homilies

April 22, 2018 Homily

Although I can’t personally vouch for it, this story is said to be true.    A Sunday school superintendent in a protestant church had two new boys — brothers — to register for Sunday school.  After writing down their names, she asked them for their ages and birthdays.  One of them said, “We are both seven.  My birthday is April 8, 1976 and my brother’s is April 20, 1976.”  “But that’s impossible,” answered the superintendent.  “No, it’s not,” one of the brothers answered, “One of us is adopted.”  Without thinking, the woman asked, “Which one?”  The boys looked […]

Easter Sunday Homily

We’ve all seen weight loss commercials that show before and after pictures of people who used their product. There are many make over shows on television which show how people, rooms, front yards or even entire houses are transformed. Once again before and after pictures or video can often leave us amazed at what happened. The resurrection of Jesus is perhaps the best example in the Bible of what a difference a few days make.

Jesus was the person who gave meaning to the disciples’ lives. They had pledged their lives to Jesus. They put their dreams in […]