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Fr. Paul’s Homilies

Homily Notes – October 8, 2017

It seems impossible for me to preach this today without saying something about the terrible, tragic event that happened last Sunday night in Nevada.   The parable of the wicked tenants in the Vineyard helps explain how some  such evil things happen and what the response of God will be.  Consider:

God has given us the freedom to choose.  Sometimes we make poor choices.  We build houses in flood planes or places where hurricanes, wildfires, or earthquakes can be expected.

God has given us […]

Homily Notes – October 1, 2017

The Karate Kid was a popular and heart-warming movie.  It was the story about a young boy who asks a man from Okinawa to teach him karate.  The old man agrees only on the condition that the boy obey him without hesitation.  When the youngster agrees, the man has him do things like wash and wax his car and sand and paint his fence.  The boy becomes angry because he thinks the old man is taking advantage of him.  He eventually learns that the motions he used for those tasks are the basic motions of […]