A true story about a man names Nels Ferre who was born to a poor family in Norway. Although he was a very bright boy and a good student, Nels’ family couldn’t afford to educate him. An aunt and uncle in America wrote and invited Nels to come to the U.S. where they would pay for his education. It was a heart-breaking decision for his parents, but they realized it was for the best for the 13 year old boy to leave.

Nels was especially close to his mother and thought that she would give him some words to strengthen him for the separation and the difficult days ahead. But in the weeks before the departure, there were no words of wisdom.
–during or after the last family dinner, the mother was silent
–before he went to bed for the last time in their home, the mother had nothing to say.
–during breakfast, in the ride from their farm to the train station, and as he was getting on the train, there were no words of wisdom.

But as the train pulled away, the mother ran along side and Nels opened his window. She spoke two words that would sustain him not only on his trip, but for the rest of his life. And the words were, “Remember Jesus.”

–As we continue our celebration of Christmas tonight and tomorrow, remember Jesus
–As we open our presents and exchange gifts, remember Jesus: God’s greatest gift to the world;
–As we prepare and eat fine meals, remember Jesus, the Bread of Life, born in Bethlehem, which means house of bread;
–As we travel and visit friends and family, remember Jesus and how the Holy Family put God first in their lives;
–As we drive around looking at Christmas lights, remember Jesus the true light of the world;
–As we visit malls, stores, and theaters, remember Jesus who is eternal and whose life and love will never pass away;
–A we begin a New Year, remember Jesus who wants to make a difference in all of our lives.

Remember Jesus. We are here tonight because we want to remember Jesus in and through our worship. Here are two practical suggests to help you do so this Christmas.
–Read part of the Christmas story before grace at your Christmas Dinner
–Take time to visit the creche and take home a piece of straw.

Merry Christmas…………………and remember Jesus.