Corpus Christi

When I graduated from high school 45 years ago my sister Susan gave me this cross made from WV coal. In the years that followed this cross reminded me of Jesus, but also of my graduation and my sister. 28 years ago today his month, my sister died suddenly and unexpectedly. Now when I look [...]


Pentecost Sunday

A story tells of an 18th century Eskimo who lived in a remote village miles from anything resembling civilization. On a visit to a trading post general store he saw, an electric light bulb which had just been installed in the general store. He was amazed when he saw the store owner reach up, pull [...]


Fifth Saturday of Easter

Homily by Deacon Jay: Today my brothers and sisters we continue to examine and pray our way through the Fair Well Discourse that Jesus gave after the last supper to His disciples.  Jesus has been urging His disciples, you and me, to love all those around us a sign of our love of Him.  Today [...]