28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Usually when people tell stories, they make themselves the star and put themselves in the best possible light. This is not true for the Catholic Church.  Some of the greatest saints were among the worst sinners.  Saint Mary of Egypt and Saint Augustine are two examples from the late fourth and early fifth centuries. Neither [...]


26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

If you were to hear this sound in the middle of night [sound of a smoke detector] you might well be both glad & sad. The sound a smoke alarm makes is quite annoying, but it is a noise that may well save your life, your loved ones, and everything you have. Saint Luke added [...]


Homily Notes from Deacon Harry

I have a favorite jacket that I wear when I do internments outdoors at the cemetery. It is rain proof and all black so it is well suited for the occasion of a funeral. Recently I noticed that it was missing and although I looked high and low I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was [...]