May 31, 2020 | The Feast of Pentecost

Homily by Father Paul Wharton On its website The National Restaurant Association asks and answers this question: ‘What’s the difference between a film premiere and a restaurant opening? “At a film opening, you’re showcasing a finished product, while at a restaurant opening, you’re just getting started. . . . And nobody gets everything perfect the [...]


May 24, 2020 | The Feast of the Ascension

Homily by Father Paul Wharton It still happens even today in this age of so-called “Helicopter Parents” who seem to hover over their children all the time.  Children do get lost from their parents in stores, on busy streets, and places with large crowds.  Often times these lost children aren’t even aware they are lost [...]


May 17, 2020

Homily by Father Paul Wharton Well..... Are you ready? ... Willing?  ...  Able? I am not talking about the end of this pandemic, but of something more important.  The Letter of Peter is very clear on this. “Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope.” [...]


May 10, 2020

Homily by Father Paul Wharton This seems to be a partially true story.  When the Revised Standard Version of the Bible was first published in 1952, a pastor in North Carolina was so angry by the new translation that he burned one and sent the ashes to the publisher.  This appears to have happened.  Supposedly, [...]


May 8, 2020

Homily by Deacon Harry Evans In our limited understanding, we often give earthly qualities to things of a divine nature…. We see angels as beautiful creatures with halos and wings. At funerals, preachers describe Heaven having pearly gates and streets of gold. And in art God is depicted with human qualities of strength and power. [...]


May 7, 2020

Homily by Deacon Jay Ziolkowski I woke up this morning with the Beatles song "Yesterday" repeating over and over in my head. "Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away.  Now it looks as though there here to stay. Oh, I believe in yesterday." I remembered what I learned in high school about verb tenses: [...]


May 3, 2020

Homily by Father Paul Wharton Here is something Saint Clement of Alexandria wrote about Jesus: In our sickness we need a Savior, in our wanderings a guide, in our blindness someone to show us the light, in our thirst the fountain of living water that quenches forever the thirst of those who drink from it. [...]


April 26, 2020

Homily by Father Paul Wharton Robert Frost wrote his epic poem The Road Not Taken more a century ago. Bob Hope and Bing Crosby made six movies about road trips.  Perhaps Jack Kerouac’s best-known work is titled On the Road.  John Steinbeck wrote Travels with Charlie, his dog. After six weeks of quarantine, most everyone [...]


April 24, 2020

Homily by Deacon Harry Evans Occasionally I will encounter someone who is contemplating leaving the church for another faith community. When quizzed about their motives the response frequently is the familiar cliché “I am not being fed…” I counter with how can that be since as Catholics we can receive the body, blood soul and [...]


April 19, 2020

Homily by Father Paul What fears do you have in your life?  I suppose that are as many different fears as there are people in the world.  There might be more since most of us have several fears. Some are: arachnophobia – the fear of spiders; triskadekaphobia – the fear of the number “13” pogonophobia [...]